Estudio de bases de datos para el reconocimiento automático de lenguas de signos

  • Darío Tilves Santiago
  • Carmén García Mateo
  • Soledad Torres Guijarro
  • Laura Docío Fernández
  • José Luis Alba Castro


Automatic sign language recognition (ASLR) is quite a complex task, not only for the difficulty of dealing with very dynamic video information, but also because almost every sign language (SL) can be considered as an under-resourced language when it comes to language technology. Spanish sign language (LSE) is one of those under-resourced languages. Developing technology for SSL implies a number of technical challenges that must be tackled down in a structured and sequential manner. In this paper, some problems of machine-learning- based ASLR are addressed. A review of publicly available datasets is given and a new one is presented. It is also discussed the current annotations methods and annotation programs. In our review of existing datasets, our main conclusion is that there is a need for more with high-quality data and annotations.


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