La educación multicultural norteamericana y su aplicación a la enseñanza del inglés como lengua extranjera


  • Antonio Rafael Roldán Tapia


Three current issues serve the ground for the discussion and application developed in the article. Firstly, teachers feel that they need new tools to face a diverse and multicultural body of students. Secondly, the notion of what culture is and how it should be taught still generales a great debate among educators, and, finally, the existence of a monolithic, dominant type of culture is falling into pieces. Therefore, American multiculturalism is discussed and presented as a model to bear in mind, sorne experiences with multiculturalism or interculturalism are revised, to end up with the application of the notion of standards as the key element for a multicultural syllabus design. Standard-based design may be the best manner to integrate the teaching · and leaming of language and culture. This contribution closes with the outline of a teaching unit in which standards have been adopted for its articulation.


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